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Updating, woo.

I got Shadow Hearts: Covenant like two days after it came out. I played through that within the past month and upon beating it decided to go through the first one again. I finished that like an hour ago. Now I'm really not sure what to do: sit here on my ass awhile more(all day) or play Chrono Cross or some other game I bought without playing(while sitting on my ass). Talk about your win-win situations.

The good old Pat Pearson was astounded on Monday finding out I only had two days on the schedule at work and said that it must be unfinished and he'd work on it the next day. Then I don't see him the rest of the week...and I still only have two days of work. It's kind of convenient to my lazy moods and combined with half days this week at school it should be like a mini vacation. But after receiving my last check and realizing it was about half of my usual pay I wanted to work more. It fuckin' pisses me off that he just shrugged that shit off when he said I would almost surely get more hours. I think it's that Tim guy that came back to work...stealing everyone's fuckin' hours. "I need at least 35-40 hours a week." That's bullshit. I looked at this weeks schedule when I realized I only had two and saw that a few other people only had two or three, also.

Anywho, I'm reading Battle Royale after it got mad props from Dave/Rob/Rick. It's gotta be one of the sweetest books I've ever read. Another funny thing is that I'm gonna get an A in Ad. Comp. for reading it because it has 600+ pages. XD

I still have some sweet gmail invites left for anyone who wants in on the beta. *shrugs*
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