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[18 Nov 2004|10:16pm]
Well, I'm turning 18 tomorrow. Anyone is more than welcome to get me something. lol

After school it's off to 7-11 for some lotto tickets/ciggs/porno. Then I'm gonna go chill at Deja Vu and have sex with some strippers...legally this time.

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Updating, woo. [02 Nov 2004|01:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I got Shadow Hearts: Covenant like two days after it came out. I played through that within the past month and upon beating it decided to go through the first one again. I finished that like an hour ago. Now I'm really not sure what to do: sit here on my ass awhile more(all day) or play Chrono Cross or some other game I bought without playing(while sitting on my ass). Talk about your win-win situations.

The good old Pat Pearson was astounded on Monday finding out I only had two days on the schedule at work and said that it must be unfinished and he'd work on it the next day. Then I don't see him the rest of the week...and I still only have two days of work. It's kind of convenient to my lazy moods and combined with half days this week at school it should be like a mini vacation. But after receiving my last check and realizing it was about half of my usual pay I wanted to work more. It fuckin' pisses me off that he just shrugged that shit off when he said I would almost surely get more hours. I think it's that Tim guy that came back to work...stealing everyone's fuckin' hours. "I need at least 35-40 hours a week." That's bullshit. I looked at this weeks schedule when I realized I only had two and saw that a few other people only had two or three, also.

Anywho, I'm reading Battle Royale after it got mad props from Dave/Rob/Rick. It's gotta be one of the sweetest books I've ever read. Another funny thing is that I'm gonna get an A in Ad. Comp. for reading it because it has 600+ pages. XD

I still have some sweet gmail invites left for anyone who wants in on the beta. *shrugs*

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[29 Sep 2004|06:59pm]
I've run into a gmail account have a few invitations left. So if anyone wants one it's first come first serve. :)

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[18 Sep 2004|03:15am]
I decided that because it's so cool to rename yourself after your idols and force your friends and immediate family to abide by the new name, I'm going to be called McCartney from now on. My brother Steph is now Lennon. Now, onto the post.

Tonight was so cool, hanging out playing Guilty Gear #Reload down at Jimmy Page's house. Fuckin', hide was over there and shit. I got a headache though and went home. Around 11:30 I went to Jet's and picked up Lennon. At home I played some games, rocked out (kinda hard not to when my name is McCartney), and ate some pizza.

Dee Snyder drove us all around today after school let out, it was a blast. Even (some gay emo guy) was there.

Well, today was pretty cool.

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Workin'. [11 Aug 2004|05:47am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I've just been working lately at my new job at Little Caesars. Nothing much else to update other than that besides that I finally got a PS2 the other day with like my whole measly check. :)

I finally beat Shadow Hearts...something I started like a year ago. After getting a PS2 it was as easy as borrowing it from Dave, along with seven of his other games. So now besides sleep and work it's either playing games I've wanted to play for years or Lineage 2. Lineage 2 in small increments. :X

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Working. [10 Jul 2004|01:00am]
Finally started working at Little Caesars. It's not too bad actually. Just the grunt work basically for now. I even had word today that what I'm doing now is the hardest thing. Oh joy. I'm just not used to standing on my feet for six hours straight. Today everyone got their paychecks except for me because I started Monday and this weeks hours go onto the next paycheck. It's kinda discouraging and then again motivating. In two weeks when checks are handed out again, I'll have a full two weeks pay.

I remember when I started working at McDonalds at the end of the eighth grade. They gave me like, two four-hour shifts a week for the first few weeks because I was new and not very knowledgable of the McDonald arts. Now at LC they had me come in on a Monday, told me how that I'd be doing this one basic part of the assembly of a pizza for about my first three weeks and let me go. Then, they gave me a schedule I would've had in my prime at McD's. I worked Monday, Wednesday, today and I also work tomorrow. Those days combined will equal 23 hours.

The whole atmosphere of the place makes me feel indifferent, though. There are a bunch of faces I've seen from school, only a couple I've actually talked to. The people I've worked with in close quarters have been all nice people. But others around that I haven't talked to besides an 'excuse me' or something kind of give me a bad look or something...like I'm fucking something up. That reminds me! Today in the thing I do (sheet outs) I was working with this other kid. I know exactly how to do this shit and I know I did it right. But since I am new I wondered if I was doing it wrong because the other kid did it the opposite of what I did. I just shrugged it off and kept on. A little while later after the other guy left, I overheard the one bitch that was 'dressing' the pizzas tell someone else to show me how to do sheetouts correctly. I probably wasn't supposed to hear her, but I did. I was thinking, 'what a fuckin bitch, it was that other guy.' But anyways, the person she was talkin to came up and said, 'ok lemme show you how to do this right - you have to do this and this.' I was like, 'yeah, I know exactly how to, and that's how've I've done it all day.' They were like, oh ok.

Anyways, I'm done ranting.

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Finally. [29 Jun 2004|06:27pm]
Well, thanks to Bruce surprisingly, I got a job at Little Caesars. His buddy from softball or something is the manager, and he was planning on firing these punk kids that've been working there. He just kept putting it off for some reason or another and I gave up on even getting the job. Well, about a week and a half ago he finally did. I was at Rob's calling for a ride home when they told me heh.

Anyways, I had to go in today for what I believed was going to be an interview, but it turns out it was just, "oh, hey, youre Andrew huh? sounds good, I'll tell Bruce tomorrow if you work either Thursday or Friday." And that short of an interview was what I was looking for.

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[28 Jun 2004|03:29am]

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[27 May 2004|03:07pm]

Which Guilty Gear X character are you?

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Boy I update on time. [24 May 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | sore ]

ACen was pretty fun, just chilled out with peeps all weekend. Didn't buy anything except for food and game tokens O_O. I didn't even go to the concerts which would've really upset me a year ago. Saw the line that connected the whole entrance and I just didn't feel like waiting in it. I did find out later they were way off schedule due to horrible planning though, sucks.

Last week was sweet, too. Went by mighty fast. Ended up at Dave's house for Guilty Gear and pizza on saturday, went home around 10 and started a game in FFIV. I never beat it for some reason after all these years. Probably due to the fact that I never tried to level or get strong in it at all, just tried to cruise. By the time the last dungeon of the game came at me I was about 10-15 levels under 'recommended' and had a helluva time with random battles...so I ran from all of them. All in all it was impossible for me to get back to a place I could level up and get stronger and I couldn't win at my current power level. But playing through this time is much funner, I'm about 11 hours in already.

I haven't gotten any time in to play Lineage II which is upsetting. I desperately need to level. But since Steph has been playing a lot of FFVII for pc, my L2 gets neglected. He said I could get on tonight to play. He ran to the store a few minutes ago so I snatched up the computer to post. ;)

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Yan Can Cook apparently. [12 May 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

Well, it's been awhile, but updates are always good. Been playing too many games I suppose, not paying attention the lj community I once was obsessed over.

ACen is this weekend. I worked at an antique show at the beginning of April, made about 200 bucks - I had set aside 120 for Lineage 2 and ACen spending. Well, as I am, the money was taking out little by little until I had just enough for Lineage 2 and a good slap in the face. Up until Sunday night I hadn't thought about how I was going to eat at the con let alone purchase jrock stuff/tokens for the arcade. I went like any good boy does to his mother. She was a little uneasy about giving me any amount of money as it is tight around here, and she just disregarded my questions when I asked if she could help me out. But! on this faithful night, I talked to her once again and as luck would have it she is giving me the 'mad hookups'. Nothing like Eddie's mom 'here's 300 go crazy' but she decided to be more than generous and slip me a benjamin'. Now I get to eat and buy things! Yes!

Tomorrow I have school which will be extra long because after it starts my ACen/four day weekend. Going to Dave's around five and won't be home until evening/late on Sunday. It will be nice to be away from home without real supervision for a weekend.

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...and then he started doing combo moves from Tekken in the air... [28 Apr 2004|08:33pm]
Thought there was something to post about until I got into the applet...

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Whoa. [06 Apr 2004|05:45pm]
My lj friends list is crazy - I've been trying to check it more than I have been for the past few months, but it's getting out of hand.

So if you just have to be on my friends list (;)) then leave me a comment about it! I'm gonna be doing some trimming on it soon soooo...

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Nope, more bullshit. [04 Apr 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

The antique show was pretty much one big bitch move on the behalf of the 'German man's' wife. I did 75% of the work that's actually work enough for four guys, and then when I bring Eddielee along today they bitch at me like I expected for them to pay him. It's like, damn people, start knowing how to not be totally fucking stupid for a few minutes before I flip out and spit bio slime all over your already ugly face! bitch!

It's funny though, the bitch tried to complain to my grandparents and my grandpa wasn't having it.

lady "Where are they?!"
Grandpa "Working, over there, see?"
lady "I've already had to move all of these table that they're supposed to move" (mind you, Eddielee at this point isn't getting paid for moving tables...why does he have to move tables again?)
Grandpa "Why are you moving tables?"
lady "I'm a stupi..d...b..i..t..ch...oh my god...it took me so long to figure this out..but, oh my lord thank you so much for finally setting me in the right direction! You should be given a medal."

Well, maybe that's a little inaccurate, but it's basically what happened.

Anyways, I got money to go to Acen with for spending, plus money to buy Lineage 2 when it becomes p2p.

Good times?

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Apple Juice [31 Mar 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, my FFXI days are pretty much over...which is for the better. This break from an addiction has left me a lot more time to just chill out on AIM and watch tv...and play other games...pretty much the things I used to do before the end of October.

Acen is coming up in a couple of months...even sooner than that. I really don't know what I'm to expect from it at this point. I was excited just at the aspect of going...and Miyavi was going. I finally got to listen to some Miyavi when Shin burned me a cd, which was excellent. Well, now that Miyavi has bailed on the con, I really don't know...what...I'll be able to do all of that weekend. They supposedly are negotiating for a new band...but I don't know who it is as of yet. Either way, it's a weekend away from home filled with cool peeps.

Friday is another antique show for me to work at. It's pretty upsetting that the people that run it keep screwing me over more and more. Last time they lowered the number of people I could bring to two from four, and now they only want one...so I'm basically going alone. They have 'two adults' lined up to also help...but I don't know who these people are, so I really don't know what to expect. Either way, I get 100 bucks plus tips - money I'm grateful to find because how else was I gonna find money for Acen?

Quiz thingCollapse )

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I possibly could get one for ten dollars... [01 Mar 2004|06:01pm]
In order for me to keep my FFXI subscription I need to come up with my own hard drive to store it on cause my brother's computer is running low on space. All I need is about 10 GBs. I've looked on Ebay and I found some for around ten bucks...but that's Ebay and I'd rather not trust it.

So! If anyone has a HD with around 10 gigs on it that they'd like to sell or whatever, tell me!

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Pfft. [19 Feb 2004|09:38pm]
Sometime's I like to be modest and call myself a badass...

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May be a real update... [20 Jan 2004|05:34pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Yesterday in chemistry things went down. It actually suprised/pissed me the hell off quite well. Since today was the chem exam, we've been reviewing for about the past three days. Reviewing! That means, in a nutshell, let's just pay attention so I don't get in trouble. Well, let's just say that's too hard for me to do completely. Instead of just paying attention, it is my nature to just blurt things out whenever I damn well please. Since all I was doing was sitting there and spurting out smart ass comments, he blew up at me. All about how Chem. AP was an elected class or something and that '(he) would elect me out'. Weiss was also upset that 'I haven't been doing anything', which in itself is a falsehood. I didn't do my last assignment because of the whole, tired/long assignment/it was snowing like blazes outside making everyone assume we were going to have a snow day. Other than that and me not writing down the stuff we were talking about that I already have in my notes...I've done all I've been asked to do lately.

Another funny thing is is that, I have 12 absences in that class, meaning, 'I may lose credit'. Pretty much saying that I lost credit, making this whole semester worthless. So paying attention/doing work/studying for tests would be a complete waste of my time. Interesting how that works.

About two weeks before Christmas, my mom had this great idea for the whole family to go on the Atkin's diet. I've been on it, but have cheated multiple times, like Christmas break, times I can get burritos, and such other events. I don't get burritos too often, and besides that I've been sticking to it. So what's on tonight's dinner schedule? MEAT! and maybe some vege..no way, tonight's schedule is MEAT! Bacon? Yup! Burger? Yup! Carrots? NO WAY, that's not MEAT! Weird how a diet requires me not to eat vegetables and fruit...

Episode II of Shananigans...4/7 of the way done. It was due to the station manager at the tv station like...two weeks ago. Seriously Alicia is a fucking retard...she doesn't even have her raw footage yet...I thought I was behind getting it done last week.

Oh, anyone have any ideas for songs I should learn on guitar?! I can't think of anything and don't say Fleetwood Mac - Landslide because it requires a capo...damn them there capos.

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[17 Jan 2004|03:51pm]
I'm constantly bored, good thing you guys needed to know that.

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[18 Dec 2003|11:56am]
Tuesday I came home to my movie ticket waiting for me.

Steph, Rob and I took a trip up to the Krafft 8 at around 10 pm so we could be early for the first showing of The Return of the King. We got there, I busted out the GBA SP, and we waited. They finally let people in with about 30-45 min before show time, which was deffinately nice. The only bad thing about it was that Krafft 8's seats are uncomfortable, and four hours in them leaves your ass hurting for awhile.

The movie was friggin' awesome. My favorite of the three, as was book three. Small disappointments in the movie with little things from the book missing, but it was ok because the movie was still complete without it and incredibly cool. I also heard that on this extended dvd there will be one hour of extra scenes...and that could be what I was hoping to see.

Christmas is one week away. It's pretty cool the way the time flew by and Christmas sneaked it's way around the corner. I have no idea what I'm getting pretty much at all. My grandma is usually the only person I'm sure of who is getting me what, but this time I have word that they are mostly giving out gift certificates, which cancels out my plan to get a little extra. :)

I'm going for samurai in FFXI...the hardest class to get supposedly, and I believe it. I have to travel across the world, then get something, then travel back, fight something to get an item, then go back and blahdy blahdy blah. I just want the quest to be over with so I can finally start playing for real.

Now that I've bored you with more FFXI blabber. I'm out.

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