Drew (rustynail987) wrote,

I decided that because it's so cool to rename yourself after your idols and force your friends and immediate family to abide by the new name, I'm going to be called McCartney from now on. My brother Steph is now Lennon. Now, onto the post.

Tonight was so cool, hanging out playing Guilty Gear #Reload down at Jimmy Page's house. Fuckin', hide was over there and shit. I got a headache though and went home. Around 11:30 I went to Jet's and picked up Lennon. At home I played some games, rocked out (kinda hard not to when my name is McCartney), and ate some pizza.

Dee Snyder drove us all around today after school let out, it was a blast. Even (some gay emo guy) was there.

Well, today was pretty cool.
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