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Finally started working at Little Caesars. It's not too bad actually. Just the grunt work basically for now. I even had word today that what I'm doing now is the hardest thing. Oh joy. I'm just not used to standing on my feet for six hours straight. Today everyone got their paychecks except for me because I started Monday and this weeks hours go onto the next paycheck. It's kinda discouraging and then again motivating. In two weeks when checks are handed out again, I'll have a full two weeks pay.

I remember when I started working at McDonalds at the end of the eighth grade. They gave me like, two four-hour shifts a week for the first few weeks because I was new and not very knowledgable of the McDonald arts. Now at LC they had me come in on a Monday, told me how that I'd be doing this one basic part of the assembly of a pizza for about my first three weeks and let me go. Then, they gave me a schedule I would've had in my prime at McD's. I worked Monday, Wednesday, today and I also work tomorrow. Those days combined will equal 23 hours.

The whole atmosphere of the place makes me feel indifferent, though. There are a bunch of faces I've seen from school, only a couple I've actually talked to. The people I've worked with in close quarters have been all nice people. But others around that I haven't talked to besides an 'excuse me' or something kind of give me a bad look or something...like I'm fucking something up. That reminds me! Today in the thing I do (sheet outs) I was working with this other kid. I know exactly how to do this shit and I know I did it right. But since I am new I wondered if I was doing it wrong because the other kid did it the opposite of what I did. I just shrugged it off and kept on. A little while later after the other guy left, I overheard the one bitch that was 'dressing' the pizzas tell someone else to show me how to do sheetouts correctly. I probably wasn't supposed to hear her, but I did. I was thinking, 'what a fuckin bitch, it was that other guy.' But anyways, the person she was talkin to came up and said, 'ok lemme show you how to do this right - you have to do this and this.' I was like, 'yeah, I know exactly how to, and that's how've I've done it all day.' They were like, oh ok.

Anyways, I'm done ranting.
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