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Boy I update on time.

ACen was pretty fun, just chilled out with peeps all weekend. Didn't buy anything except for food and game tokens O_O. I didn't even go to the concerts which would've really upset me a year ago. Saw the line that connected the whole entrance and I just didn't feel like waiting in it. I did find out later they were way off schedule due to horrible planning though, sucks.

Last week was sweet, too. Went by mighty fast. Ended up at Dave's house for Guilty Gear and pizza on saturday, went home around 10 and started a game in FFIV. I never beat it for some reason after all these years. Probably due to the fact that I never tried to level or get strong in it at all, just tried to cruise. By the time the last dungeon of the game came at me I was about 10-15 levels under 'recommended' and had a helluva time with random battles...so I ran from all of them. All in all it was impossible for me to get back to a place I could level up and get stronger and I couldn't win at my current power level. But playing through this time is much funner, I'm about 11 hours in already.

I haven't gotten any time in to play Lineage II which is upsetting. I desperately need to level. But since Steph has been playing a lot of FFVII for pc, my L2 gets neglected. He said I could get on tonight to play. He ran to the store a few minutes ago so I snatched up the computer to post. ;)
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