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Yan Can Cook apparently.

Well, it's been awhile, but updates are always good. Been playing too many games I suppose, not paying attention the lj community I once was obsessed over.

ACen is this weekend. I worked at an antique show at the beginning of April, made about 200 bucks - I had set aside 120 for Lineage 2 and ACen spending. Well, as I am, the money was taking out little by little until I had just enough for Lineage 2 and a good slap in the face. Up until Sunday night I hadn't thought about how I was going to eat at the con let alone purchase jrock stuff/tokens for the arcade. I went like any good boy does to his mother. She was a little uneasy about giving me any amount of money as it is tight around here, and she just disregarded my questions when I asked if she could help me out. But! on this faithful night, I talked to her once again and as luck would have it she is giving me the 'mad hookups'. Nothing like Eddie's mom 'here's 300 go crazy' but she decided to be more than generous and slip me a benjamin'. Now I get to eat and buy things! Yes!

Tomorrow I have school which will be extra long because after it starts my ACen/four day weekend. Going to Dave's around five and won't be home until evening/late on Sunday. It will be nice to be away from home without real supervision for a weekend.
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