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Nope, more bullshit.

The antique show was pretty much one big bitch move on the behalf of the 'German man's' wife. I did 75% of the work that's actually work enough for four guys, and then when I bring Eddielee along today they bitch at me like I expected for them to pay him. It's like, damn people, start knowing how to not be totally fucking stupid for a few minutes before I flip out and spit bio slime all over your already ugly face! bitch!

It's funny though, the bitch tried to complain to my grandparents and my grandpa wasn't having it.

lady "Where are they?!"
Grandpa "Working, over there, see?"
lady "I've already had to move all of these table that they're supposed to move" (mind you, Eddielee at this point isn't getting paid for moving tables...why does he have to move tables again?)
Grandpa "Why are you moving tables?"
lady "I'm a stupi..d...b..i..t..ch...oh my god...it took me so long to figure this out..but, oh my lord thank you so much for finally setting me in the right direction! You should be given a medal."

Well, maybe that's a little inaccurate, but it's basically what happened.

Anyways, I got money to go to Acen with for spending, plus money to buy Lineage 2 when it becomes p2p.

Good times?
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