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Well, my FFXI days are pretty much over...which is for the better. This break from an addiction has left me a lot more time to just chill out on AIM and watch tv...and play other games...pretty much the things I used to do before the end of October.

Acen is coming up in a couple of months...even sooner than that. I really don't know what I'm to expect from it at this point. I was excited just at the aspect of going...and Miyavi was going. I finally got to listen to some Miyavi when Shin burned me a cd, which was excellent. Well, now that Miyavi has bailed on the con, I really don't know...what...I'll be able to do all of that weekend. They supposedly are negotiating for a new band...but I don't know who it is as of yet. Either way, it's a weekend away from home filled with cool peeps.

Friday is another antique show for me to work at. It's pretty upsetting that the people that run it keep screwing me over more and more. Last time they lowered the number of people I could bring to two from four, and now they only want one...so I'm basically going alone. They have 'two adults' lined up to also help...but I don't know who these people are, so I really don't know what to expect. Either way, I get 100 bucks plus tips - money I'm grateful to find because how else was I gonna find money for Acen?

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